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Astri Wee

Yoga Instructor

Experience the transformative power of yoga in the comfort of your home or office.


Hi, my name is Astri and I’m on mission to help as many people as I can change their lives through the power of yoga.


You may think that seems a little dramatic. But I don’t. Let me tell you why.


I never considered myself a "yoga person." I'd always loved swimming, running, and other “real” sports. But yoga was never my thing.


Then in the span of three years, I experienced several life changing traumas. At my age, 46, my self care was non-existent.


I was depressed, living in a self-destructive cycle that I desperately wanted to change. But I just didn't know how.


On a whim, I joined an intensive yoga training program. That was the best whim of my life. After the intensive month ended, I realized I was in love with yoga. My spark was back. In that short time, my body changed dramatically (including losing the depression weight I had gained). At 46, I felt more vibrant than ever in my life. It was wonderful to do something for myself, and it felt great to know that what I was doing for myself was something good that I could bring to others. 


I found having a regimented schedule focused on my physical and mental health was the key. I didn't realize how much I needed it until I was in it! It felt like the huge exhale I'd been looking for. 


That is the transformative power of yoga. That is what I bring to your home or office. For more about my training and style of yoga, visit the Classes page.

I am a private and group yoga instructor based in Northern Virginia. If you are within a fifteen mile radius of Reston, I can come to you!


I am a 500 RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher, Yoga Alliance). What that means to you is that I have extensive training in anatomy and how to sequence a yoga class for maximum benefit to the student.


My classes are inspired by Vinyasa Flow and rooted in Ashtanga yoga, and they include Pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. I offer challenging private instruction that is accessible to all levels and ages.


Yoga works for everybody. I hope to help make yoga more accessible, enjoyable, and effective for everyone.


What is Yoga?


In sanskrit, yoga is Union. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali refers to eight limbs, or components of yoga. Ashtanga literally means eight (ashta) components or limbs (anga) in Sanskrit. They are general guidelines for spiritual growth through living a meaningful and purposeful life, and are universal.  


The eight components of Yoga are:

  • Yama: rules of moral code and include non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, marital fidelity, and non-possessiveness

  • Niyama: positive duties or observances

  • Asana: posture

  • Pranayama: breathing techniques designed to control prana or vital life force

  • Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses

  • Dharana: focused concentration

  • Dhyana: meditative absorbtion

  • Samadhi: bliss or enlightenment; merging with the divine



My classes are a challenging vinyasa flow rooted in Ashtanga. What that means is this yoga is a work out designed to change your mind and body.


Yes, I can tailor it your physical needs. But expect an active class.


Whether it's one-on-one, a small group, or a corporate group, I will how you how yoga really can be tailored to the individual.


A few of the many benefits of yoga and meditation include:

  • Building muscle and improving flexibility

  • Reducing anxiety

  • Improving posture and bone health

  • Regulating adrenal glands and lowering blood sugar

  • Keeping allergies and viruses at bay

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Astri is so patient, and has taught our small group for many sessions now.  We have an eclectic group ranging in ability and she makes it work for all of us.  We all feel enthusiastic about how studying with her has made us feel stronger and more confident in general.  You won't regret this investment in yourself!!

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